Tuesday, April 23, 2013

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Hog Island Menu   (Oysters)
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Acme bread co (Bomb ass bread)
Market bar (Happy Hour)
MoMo's  Menu
Petes Tavern Menu

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mind Map

I had a lot on my mind the other day and decided I needed to put all
these thoughts on paper....this is what I came up with; a mind map. I
felt like it as a good way to explore my thoughts and what was
important to me at the time. I drew the roadway, after I was finished,
to signify the choices we have to make. These choices are important
and can and should never be taken lightly. Make a mind map for
yourself... It helps!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So I just set up an email address so I can eaisly send stuff from my
phone to Blogger!! This will be my first test!
This is a picture I took in Potter Valley, California that was edited
with camera + for iPhone!! It is an easy way to add a little effect to
your photos and I love this shot!! I really love photography, but find
it hard to always pull out the camera!! The iPhone helps with this by
providing 5 megapixils!!
Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Fallen & Family

Watching "The Messenger" last night I got to thinking about everyone that has been lost in this lasting effort. I think as Americans, we become desensitized to hearing about lives that have been lost in the war. Hearing it time after time, we begin to not realize the overall affects these deaths have on the our fellow family members. We are all in this effort together weather we want to or not. Every one of us is a member of this United States and thus are forced to be involved in and a member of everything that our country is involved in. It is important to continue to remember those that have been lost and all the lives that have now changed as a result of their loss. It is essential as a true American to support our efforts in the war and to continue to have faith that our intentions are justified. We are slowly but surly making a difference that will change lives forever.

I Just felt like writing to help people understand how sad it is to lose a loved one. There are so many stories out there that just break your heart to hear about. Think about a Mother and Father who have raised their child for all of these years and to answer the door one day to come to understand that these efforts have ended. Imagine a wife or husband losing a loved one and being left a single parent to raise their children without a mother or father. I feel such an emence sorrow for the children forced to live without a parent. I could never even understand life without my two loving parents and think about these children all the time. I couldn't even begin to understand how hard it would be to lose a loved on in the War effort. I think it would have to be important for these families to truly believe that they died doing what they loved and protecting the citizens of the United States of America. I can honestly say that I am proud of our soldiers and will never forget all the lives that have been lost since 911 and throughout our military history. I will never forget all the lives that have been affected by a loss and will continue to pray for them. The hearts of each American is with you during these hard times. May God be with each fallen and their family.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Starbucks People Watch

One of my favorite things to do is to people watch. I was sitting at Starbucks the other day listening to my iphone and taking in everything that was going on. Starbucks is an awesome place to people watch because you never know who will walk in or out of that place. It is fun to just sit there and watch the place function with a certain degree of sufficancy. I was particully caught off guard by a family of four that was there having some breakfast on a late Memorial Day morning. They were a very "normal" family with two teenage boys and what looked like a loving mother and father. I watched as they sat outside under an umbrella enjoying their food items and beverages. As I indirectly watched them enjoying their brakfast I noticed that they had a prticularly close relationship with some degree distance. I know this is somewhat hard to understand, but it was this fact that caught me so off guard. When they finished their meal they all pulled out their books and started to all read their individual books. It was so interesting to me that this family was close enought to all come to a Starbucks and pull out their books and just read. Mom would stop Dad and point out an interesting line or two and Dad would just take it all in and read a page or two here and there. The boys were content and seemed to be enjoying their books with straight faces. I have just never seen this kind of behavior from a family and it kind of gave me some sort of peace. It was really nice to see a family that was really at peace with eachother and not influenced by the tendencies of the mainstream. It was one of the many observations I have been able to take in at the local Starbucks and with every observations comes a level of understanding. Just being able to witness how some families behave helps me to understand relationsips as a whole. I was glad to have had the oppertunity to witness this family and look forward to the people watching of the future.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Life as We Know It?

You were never born. You never started crawling. You never got your first tooth. You never started walking or talking. You have never cried, been held or even consoled. You have never been to Preschool, Kindergarten, or even the first grade. You have never had your first kiss, date or intimate experience. You never did anything, not even a single one thing. You do not even exist. You, as you know you, never happened. You have no life. Your birth was a “choice”, and she chose no. Life means everything, but only if one is given the chance to live will they get to experience it.
Your life began way before you were ever born into this world. You had a life before your birthday ever came. Life started for you when a choice was made by your mother and father to engage in life giving activities. That is when your life truly began and you were able to live, experience, and even learn what life was starting to feel like. Life is a process and an experience that starts at a very specific union of data, necessary to grow your body into what you would know it to be. Every single piece of information necessary for you to start living your life is given to you at that very second. The process has begun and you are on your way to this life that is waiting for you.
Growing inside your mothers’ body, your life is starting to take shape. The doctor’s appointments are being made and the nursery is being planned. Everything is starting to take place for you to face the harsh conditions of the world. You are being protected from these harsh conditions because you are not yet ready to face them. Mothers are given the opportunity to protect their children with their own life and body. How is it possible that inside the body a life can be ended, but once brought outside the body, ending a life is now considered murder? A life is a life, whether it is inside a body or not.
When we are born into this world, life takes on a new meaning. It is possible to think of life on many levels and not just in the biological sense. It is everything that we have come to know about this world we live in. It happens every day and every second of every day. We live our lives within moments of time and can directly and indirectly use these moments of time to examine what we have done and what we will be doing. Every single moment of time is stacked on top of each other to make the book of life. In this book we will have the ability to see ourselves as a whole. In each of these moments we have experiences that build on memories and memories that build on experience. It is a cycle that is continuous and builds our lives and who we are in the now and who we will become in the future. If a single moment of our life was altered in some way, you would see yourself in a different way, time or place. One altered choice will lead a person down a different horizontal path in life, never having the ability to cross the life that may have been. Life takes you on many paths and it is up to you and the people in your life to choose this path and where it may take you.
You can’t be responsible for every single decision or choice that is made in life. This responsibility is never fully given to you and has with it a series of positive and negative factors. It is safe to say that we as people can’t do everything we want to do. We don’t have the ability to live our lives exactly how we want to and are forced in many ways to live the way others say we have to. It is important to have a mind of your own, but it is interesting to observe where thoughts come from and how our minds were built. The life as we know it is something that we learned. It is what it is because someone or something told us that’s the way it is. Thinking about the many aspects in our lives it is easy for one to look at the way they live their life and wonder why. Why do I do this every day? Why is there a specific way a life must be lived? Who is telling me to live this way? Can I change the way people think? What if I were to change how people look at life? What would God think? Is there a God? Was the life of Jesus the reason we live our lives today and the reason life even exists? These questions have been asked by many people who truly look at life and consider how they are living it. It is important to pick apart our lives and ask ourselves questions about how we are living. It is common of human beings that purpose is something we all want. Humans thrive on purpose and make it essential to have meaning.
The purpose now in the folds of our subconscious, we begin to look at life as a form of quality. Quality in a sense of how we are spending our time here on Earth and the value placed on ourselves. Life in a general sense can represent our status among other lives that we interact with. It is this status or quality that gives one their life and the ability to consider the decisions that brought them to this quality and the decisions necessary to continue climbing. It is this sense of quality that gives people the ability to look at their lives on a micro scale and evaluate their life status. It has become overwhelmingly obvious that our popularity in our lives is the most important aspect to be considered.
Having a life is a thought that crosses the minds of every generation and is again a measurement of status. One has the ability to look at the events in their life and assign a value to each event that takes place. Where they work, who they work with, where they hang out, and who they hang out with are all variables in this consideration of life. How often a person goes out with other people and the events that take place while they are hanging out can be considered that person’s life. Having a life can really mean what you want it to mean. People value their lives on different levels based on what they prefer to be doing. They may consider happiness in their life as a stay at home mom and base it on their life with their family. Some consider their life based on the relationships that they carry with other families or with other people around them. How someone spends their time is a measurement of life or its status. It is interesting to examine how important this becomes to people and the choices that are made because of it. Life as a measurement of popularity is a meaning that will be here for generations to come. How popular you may be is directly related to the life one is seeking.
Despite the superficial aspects we consider in determining the importance of our lives, the real issues lies in the womb. We as a new generation have to reconsider the value we place on life and give everyone the opportunity to live. If we consider the millions of unborn, we can truly look at our lives in a different light. We should value the life that was given to us by our parents who chose to let us live. If life is destroyed inside the womb, no choice or opportunity was considered for the child. Ending a life before it is born is taking away a right we have all come to value more than anything. Look at your life and how much you value living. How is it possible for people to be so inconsiderate towards the unborn? Life begins at conception and it is at that moment the choice to live should be placed in the growing hands of the unborn. No mother should have the choice to end a life that they created. The Choice to create life forfeits the right to end it. It is a responsibility of humans to abide by the laws of nature and to consider the choice of their children. We all came from the womb and were given a right to life. It is important for all humans to reevaluate the importance of this right.
Life is a word that has many possible meanings. In each of these meanings we can consider them to be a direct representation of us. These meanings are what shape the lives we live and the events that take place in its duration. It is safe to say that one can only value their life, if given the opportunity to live it. It is essential that the people in this life come to realize the importance of life in and outside the womb. Give life a chance and see what kind of path their life takes. You were born. You did start crawling. You did get your first tooth. You did start walking and talking. You have cried, been held and even consoled. You have been to Preschool, Kindergarten, and even the first grade. You do exist. You as you know yourself are real. I choose life.

Monday, March 29, 2010


I am starting to really enjoy taking pictures. There is really nothing like having a picture. The ability to look back at the images you have captured is very rewarding and memorable. It is impossible for us to remember everything that has happened in our lives, but having the ability to view images from our past helps considerably. I took this picture as I was walking with my sister, her children, and my brother Nick. I wanted to capture as many images as I thought necessary to hold in my banks of data. It is interesting to look back at pictures and see how the images look. It is almost as if a picture sometimes captures more then the eyes can see. Maybe it is the fact that as you go through your day to day, your mind is distracted by the millions of things going on around you.

Given the ability to freeze time, gives your mind the ability to stop and truly see what the eyes are looking at. There are so many beautiful elements in this world and not enough of us stop to appreciate our surroundings. Give yourself a little extra time in your day to stop and appreciate what is all around you. Look at simple things such as the grass, and appreciate how green it is. Look at the rolling hills or the structures of design that are everywhere. The way a reflection captures the surrounding images. The colors, shapes, and movements that are all over the place. STOP, LOOK, AND LISTEN!! It may change your life!